This is the website of Ben Norrington. Unfortunately Ben is the second busiest person he knows and, as a result, has not had time yet to put up a proper website.

Ben did at various times in the past have a proper website. It never got read and so as a favour to his girlfriend he has put up this holding page and some hidden test pages on a new host to test the reliability of the server. This is important as she hosts her online scrapbooking classes on the same server.

Ben Norrington works for banquo as an analyst developer. This partially explains his lack of time.


Ben got married at the end of 2008. You can read all about it here or all about the lucky girl here


Ben spent the weekend walking up mount Snowdon with his Uncle Bert, Dad, and Brother Tom. Enjoy the photos


While not working at his day job in the city or enjoying the warm summer evenings in the park Ben has been making a bingo card creator for teachers.