Ben & Shimelle

They met because she liked music and he worked in a record store, and in the past four years have had approximately one decent conversation about music.

Thankfully they have found plenty of other things to talk about.

So now they're getting married.

Saturday 30th August 2008
Arundel Town Hall
Arundel, West Sussex, England

We know many of you have quite a journey to get to Arundel for the day, and knowing us you might imagine that we're hoping to put together a party that's at least a little memorable, so we've tried to gather all the details you might need here in one place.

So from directions to gifts to an explanation of this crazy black and white dress code, hopefully you can find all your answers here.

For those of you who are too far away or can't make it, we hope you can at least see a few pictures and know that we wish we could see you!