Ben & Shimelle

Our ceremony and reception are all in one place -- the Arundel Town Hall.

The cermony will be upstairs at 2pm.

There is no parking available directly outside the building, so please make sure you arrive in time to park a street or two away and still be with us in time.

The ceremony will be followed by drinks on the terrace, so do cross your fingers for some lovely summer weather! Once we've had a chance to say hello to everyone, we will eventually sit down for dinner and a few speeches. We won't tell you who is speaking, for fear that you will all run to those individuals with years and years of embarrassing stories. Instead, we promise to ask people who know plenty of dirt all of their own accord.

We would appreciate it if you could indicate on your RSVP whether you would prefer the meat, fish or vegetarian option for dinner or if you have any special dietary needs we need to keep in mind. Thanks!

After dinner, you'll need plenty of spare change handy: as we both abhor party DJs, our reception music will be provided by a jukebox. Trouble is, you have to keep feeding it change to keep the music going! We promise to fill the juke box with good material, though we refuse to be held responsible if anyone finds it worthwhile to play 'It's the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)' sixteen times in a row.

We do hope you'll party it up with us all evening, but we do have a curfew at the hall, so do forgive the early call for last orders!